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"Emma & Zach"


During our first three years of marriage we had difficulty communicating to each other in loving and effective ways.  We had deeply hurt each other's trust in various ways and we were arguing frequently.  We felt like we had hit a wall and didn't know how to move past it. We knew we needed help learning how to strengthen our marriage, and love each other better.


After asking a trusted friend, we were referred to Joel.  We were both very nervous about actually going to a counselor.  What would he say? How would he treat each of us? Would he tell one of us we were wrong and start taking sides? Could we trust him? All these were questions that were on our minds.   


Our first session we were put at ease, and were able to see that Joel was right there with us, on our side to strengthen our marriage. That first day, and since then, he has encouraged us both and helped us connect emotionally in ways we had not been able to until his office. 


We have been so blessed by Joel! We definitely recommend Joel whenever a friend or anyone is expressing sorrow or frustration about the condition of their marriage relationship, because he has helped us so much! Over our time with Joel we have learned to become better communicators to each other, to know ourselves better, and to love each other more.  God has truly given Joel a gift, and he is in his calling as a Marriage Counselor.  Thank you Joel!

The "Wilson" Family

Joel has made a huge difference in our family, especially our son. We have seen a huge change in his behavior and decision making. He was very comfortable talking to Joel.

"Ellie & Tom"


Joel's combination of wisdom, presence, and grace is a powerful healing agent that provides just the right amount of guidance, while also allowing the client freedom to fully choose and wrestle through the decisions they may have to make.


I trust Joel's training, personal faith, and compassion to provide trusted experience I can count on when needed. Both my husband and I have been blessed by Joel's encouragement as a friend and counselor. We highly recommend Joel without hesitation!

Rev. David Camera


Joel is a compassionate, insightful, and thoroughly biblical counselor. He is wise beyond his years and I have found his ministry to be a great help to our people and to me.


Rev. Camera is pastor at River Oaks Church in Lake Mary, FL.

Joel served at River Oaks Church in various capacities for over a decade.



Self hate had been the story of my life; starting early and growing stronger each year. Joel has helped me realize that this story is not God's reality. Thanks to counseling and other means of grace, I can finally say the following sincerely: God not only loves me, but He likes me.  

Because of that, I like me too.

Roger Shepherd, L.M.H.C., M.A., M.A.


Joel Trigger is the "real deal"!  By that, I mean He is a man of character that you can trust. God has blessed him with the gifts of a counselor. When you combine those with a teachable heart and a genuine love for people, you have a man I highly recommend without reservation.


Roger Shepherd is the President & Director of Florida Counseling Foundation and is a Counseling Supervisor for Oviedo Counseling Clinic (of Reformed Theological Seminary) and Northland Counseling Center.



At age 55, the Lord in His perfect timing used Joel to thread together His healing, redemption, and reconciliation of past events in my life. Each time, the Lord met us during our sessions and displayed His amazing grace. Thank you Joel!!

**Names in quotations have been changed to protect client confidentiality**

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