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Our desire is to give you practical steps to move forward, while also addressing the deeper root issues of your struggle. The way we do that is Christ-centered, relational, holistic, and practical.

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One of the most shaping factors of our lives is the stories that we believe. Too often we live out of small stories – false stories about who we are and what our lives are about – born out of pain we've experienced, lies we've been told, or selfish desires we want to justify.


But the reality is that our lives are not just about us. God is authoring a story through each of our lives, and they all intertwine and connect to the Big Story that God is writing through all of history. This Big Story finds its center in the person of Jesus. You don't have to be a Christian to come to our counseling; just know that we will love you and care for you from this core belief.


Our desire is that as we walk through your story together, you would not only gain clarity on whatever situation brought you to counseling, but that you'll walk away with a greater understanding of the beauty, dignity, and purpose God has for your story.



Research has shown that the key healing factor in counseling is the relationship between the client and counselormore so than the type of therapy or the theoretical basis of the techniques used.


This makes sense when we consider that, for many of us, the most important shaping moments come in the context of significant relationships. Our negative patterns are formed in relationship, and so we need to learn new healthy patterns in relationship.


Recognizing this fact, our approach gives primary attention to the quality of the counseling relationship so we can establish the most beneficial environment for growth possible.


As human beings we are rational, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual. This list could go on, but these are at least a few key aspects of what it means to be human.


Too often, whether in counseling or just in our understanding of life, we get overly focused on one aspect of our humanity to the exclusion of the others. But the reality is that all of these aspects are crucial to who we are, and they are inextricably connected.


The issues we face may be primarily an emotional problem, a spiritual struggle, a relational disconnect, a problem with faulty thinking and beliefs, or a breakdown of healthy responsibility.

But usually all of these elements will be intertwined to some degree, which is why we strive to see and address the full picture of who a person is and how each of these aspects play into their situation.



While it's important to see the whole picture and address the deeper roots of issues, it's also important to walk away knowing what to do about it.


If counseling addresses symptoms by providing coping skills without addressing the underlying issue, new symptoms will just pop up elsewhere. However, gaining what feels like profound insight in the moment without any idea of how to move forward can leave you feeling just as stuck.


That's why we always strive to go beyond surface-level symptoms, while also helping our clients walk away with clear action steps for how to keep moving toward health.

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